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DDL ~ Database and data lakes solutions

Databases and Data Lakes deals with data solutions for businesses. Thanks to our activities, we can offer our companies any solutions that will allow for security, migration or data optimization.

We have over 20 years of experience in our activities, thanks to which we have operated in many industries over the years and we are able to adapt to many customer requirements.

In our activities, we are guided by the efficiency and security that we provide with the data entrusted to us.

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Technologies serves for partners
AWS, Azure, GCP
data base
MySQL, postgreSQL, DB2, MSSQL, Oracle
data lakes
Data Lakes
big data
Machine Learning, Cloud computing, Redshift, BI
ETL, Migrations
Cooperation Process
Cooperation Process

Bright Coders' Factory (HQ) is a software engineering services group that started operations in 2016.

Today BCF Group consists of 7 companies, each of which operates to supply our clients with cost-optimized, ultra-scalable and secure software development services.


BCF Middle East (Turkey) ensures high-quality software development services by qualified and diligent specialists from Turkey.

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Bright Coders' Factory (group HQ,Poland) is a parent company for whole group, that provides top-qualified, stable software engineering teams tailored to your projects. 

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Bright Coders' Factory International (London, UK) delivers design support and programming services thanks to qualified programmers from the UK and West Africa.

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Steadynamic (USA) offers its services to clients in North America. We offer comprehensive services that will transform your idea into a successful software product.

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BCF Consulting Services is an IT consulting company specializing in outsourcing software experts. Provides services to a variety of industries and sectors, including healthcare, maritime, industry, education and so on.

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Bright Coders' Factory East Africa (Nairobi, Kenya) offers talented software engineers from East Africa with international experience.

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