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Databases and Data Lakes deals with data solutions for businesses. Thanks to our activities, we can offer our companies any solutions that will allow for security, migration or data optimization.We have over 20 years of experience in our activities, thanks to which we have operated in many industries over the years and we are able to adapt to many customer requirements.

In our activities, we are guided by the efficiency and security that we provide with the data entrusted to us.

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Grzegorz Fedorczak

Grzegorz Fedorczak has over 20 years of experience in IT with expertise in database solutions and delivering services for business. He is a manager with a strong technical background who has successfully implemented 20+ projects in the financial and industrial sectors. The majority of them were about data management, Cloud migration, Machine Learning, Bigdata and Business Intelligence for the leading companies in the world. Grzegorz is focused on a data-driven world and, as the CEO of DDL Services, is able to help with digital transformation for all businesses, from small to large enterprises.



BCF Group was established in 2021. Our main goal was to provide comprehensive customer service around the world based on our experience. The BCF Group consists of 6 companies, each of which operates in a separate way, trying to provide the highest quality solutions to our contractors. All this while maintaining the highest standards.




Bright Coders' Factory is based in Poland. we chose Wrocław, Poznań and Opole as our places. The main goal is to provide ready-made teams of specialists for the client's needs.

Bright Coders' Factory East Africa is based in Kenya. We strive to acquire the best specialists from East Africa who are ready to support clients' projects thanks to their global experience.

Bright Coders' Factory International is located in London. From there that we conduct our global activities focused on West Africa. We complete the entire teams for the implementation of the client's product.

Steadynamics mainly operates on the American market. We focus on creating workshoops for clients with ideas and building teams with a global reach to transform the idea into implementation.

DDL deals with solutions based on databases, data lakes and data transfers. Data security is our top priority.

Black Star Software is a place where we contract the best programmers from Poland. If someone needs the support of a talented expert, we are the first point of contact.






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Our talent hubs are a hotbed for SQL, Data Base, Date Lakes solutions. Niche talent no problem
Industry 4.0
Imagine having access to unmatched talent experienced in working with the largest manufacturers, suppliers and brands. All quality standards covered
Banking and financial services
Traditional banking, investment platforms, Hedgefunds, challenger banks and back office we have extensive talent.
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Data management and governance in the Cloud
Data migration to the Cloud
Data lakes design & implementation
Data quality, integrity & security services
ETL processes
Database performance tuning
Database and Datawarehouse audits
SQL optimization
Machine learning, bigdata, business intelligence advisory services

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AWS, Azure, GCP

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MySQL,postgreSQL, DB2, MSSQL, Oracle

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Big Data

Machine Learning, Cloud computing, Redshift, BI


ETL, Migrations


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